Exploring the Future of Money, Banking and Philanthropy

The Robin Hood Tax campaign started as an idea. People loved it. We became a movement. And we’re still growing.

We’re committed to reducing poverty and tackling climate change by taxing financial transactions.

We believe it’s time to rewrite the contract between banks and society.

We are charities, green groups, trade unions, celebrities, religious leaders and politicians.

We are world leaders – President Sarkozy of France, Chancellor Merkel of Germany, Prime Minister Zapatero of Spain, among others.�

We are businesspeople – FSA Chairman Lord Turner, financier George Soros, entrepreneur extraordinaire Warren Buffet.

We are economists – Nobel Prize winners Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, Earth Institute Director Jeffrey Sachs and 1,000 other economists from across the world.

We are 256,000 Facebook friends, and tens of thousands of people taking action around the UK. We are over 115 organisations, including charities like Oxfam, Barnardo’s and Friends of the Earth, all the major trade unions and faith organisations such as the Salvation Army.�

We are part of a movement of campaigns in more than 25 countries around the world with millions of supporters.

We are a force to be reckoned with, and we’re demanding justice.

Are you?

via Who’s behind it? | Robin Hood Tax.

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