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Apple planning NFC e-wallet functionality for a ‘coming’ iPhone, NYT says

Apple reportedly plans to add a near-field communications chip to a future iPhone for wireless e-wallet transactions, though the feature will not necessarily appear in this year’s anticipated iPhone 5.

Citing two anonymous sources with details on a coming iPhone, The New York Times reported on Monday that a future handset from Apple will include a NFC chip from Qualcomm. That wireless chip could allow a next-generation iPhone to be used to make mobile payments.

Author Nick Bilton said though Apple apparently plans to add the feature to a future iPhone, “it is unclear” which handset it will appear in. Apple typically releases its annual iPhone upgrade in June.

“one person familiar with the new Apple feature said the phone’s credit card information would be tied to information currently used on iTunes, which would make it simple for customers to set up the new mobile payment method on the iPhone,” the report said.

The report comes soon after a separate story from Forbes, which claimed that Apple plans to bring NFC functionality to the anticipated iPhone 5 this summer. But a separate report last week also claimed that Apple had abandoned its plans to include an NFC chip in the iPhone 5, citing “the lack of a clear standard.”

Google’s flagship, custom-built Android phone, the Nexus S, was released late last year with an NFC chip for short-range wireless data transmission. However, the feature has failed to attract any major applications thus far.

This January, AppleInsider exclusively reported that Apple was looking to hire a hardware engineer familiar with radio-frequency identification, or RFID, a type of NFC. The company also sought a number of payment platform experts for products in retail stores, inviting applications to be a part of “something big.”

via AppleInsider | Apple planning NFC e-wallet functionality for a ‘coming’ iPhone, NYT says.

Big Blue’s New Social Network and Mobile Tutors – Bank Technology News

Estimating the growth of social media and mobile channels equals a $70
billion global opportunity across banking and other consumer-facing
 industries, IBM has formed a new consulting practice to offer navigation
 expertise for companies looking to embrace the new technologies, many of 
which are offered in some form by IBM itself.

Called Smarter Commerce, the practice will advise institutions on how 
emerging channels can be monetized through sophisticated development 
techniques such as matching customization to price elasticity—IBM’s 
research has found that if banks can properly tailor products and services
 to customers can charge up to a ten percent premium for those services.

Some of the expertise involved in the consultations will include how to 
leverage new mobile and social technology as part of merchant loyalty and
 discount programs, as well as overall customer relationship expansion. IBM
 says that will require the ability to analyze massive amounts of disparate
 data in real time, perform predictive analytics, collaborate with retailers
and consumers and process a higher volume of transactions quickly.

“The digital and physical worlds are converging [in payments], and there
will be new competitors to banks that will be entering the market. Some
 payment schemes will be more open moving forward, enabling new types of
competition for banks,” says Gerard Hergenroeder, a global payments 
executive for IBM.

There’s also monetizing going on for IBM, which has spent more than $2.5
 billion in the past few years acquiring new social and mobile technology via
 acquisitions such as Sterling Commerce and CoreMetrics.

“With this bigger
 portfolio we wanted to have a dedicated practice to help clients implement
 these technologies,” says Paul Papas, a global leader for master commerce
for IBM.

via Big Blue’s New Social Network and Mobile Tutors – Bank Technology News.

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