Exploring the Future of Money, Banking and Philanthropy

The Future

The Revolution is Already Happening .. But most of us are too busy to notice.   Here’s what’s the future looks like.

At the intersection of six major trends: financial crisis, digital technology, emerging mobile payment solutions, social media, localized commerce, and social networking …. we stand on the threshold of a new era in the ongoing evolution of money systems.

Today we all basically use the same kind of money … one dimensional … sterile …. impersonal.   This is old money.

Tomorrow we will use many different kinds of money and money substitutes … money that is multi-dimensional … individually branded … interoperable …  rich … vibrant … social … customized to meet the unique requirements and objectives of the issuer and user.  This is new Moneeey.

Old money is centralized, concentrated and completely commercial.  New Moneeey is decentralized, democratized and completely digital.

New Moneeey is more efficient, more equitable and more empowering than old money.

Today, old money is thought of as an informational object.  Tomorrow, new Moneeey will be thought of as a software service.

New Moneeey is a *MaaSS Movement … *Money as a Software Service.

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