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Moneeey Animation # 1 – A Really Big Idea

A young entrepreneur and a seasoned investor face off in this introductory video about trying to sell a really really big idea about a new Moneeey System. The entrepreneur has a bold vision and a brash manner. The investor is at first skeptical, but becomes intrigued as the magnitude of the vision and the young entrepreneurs intelligence and passion for his idea becomes apparent.

Moneeey Animation # 2 – Old Money and New Moneeey

The Entrepreneur explains the way old money is created in our financial system today and why that process is fundamentally flawed and will lead to a reckoning. The investor wants to know how the new Moneeey system is different and finds himself skeptical, but still intrigued by the Entrepreneurs bold vision.

Moneeey Animation # 3 – How The New Moneeey System Works

The Entrepreneur and the Investor continue their repartee with the Investor skeptically probing the mechanics of the new Moneeey system and the Entrepreneur confidently explaining why and how the new Moneeey Revolution will transform the way money is created, used and shared.

Moneeey Animation # 4 – Who Will Rule the Virtual and Complementary Currency Space?

The Investor talks to his assistant about his prior meeting on the new Moneeey system and discovers that maybe he should be taking this Entrepreneur more seriously. If his new Moneeey team can connect the dots between independent virtual and complementary currencies he could be onto something ….

Moneeey Animation # 5 – Catalyzing Trust in the New Moneeey System

The Entrepreneur and the Investor are back at the negotiation table, discussing strategy for bringing in Facebook and other major entities in as partners in the new Moneeey system in order to establish a sufficient level of trust to scale the network.



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  1. Well done! This is a perfect analogy for where we are. Both actors are sharp and the dialog is right on track. E.C. Riegel would be pleased at this effort.


    Mike Aldana

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